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Beginning Friday, August 24th, our regular hours will be:

Wednesday 12 – 9

Thursday 12 – 9

Friday 12 – 10

Saturday 12 – 10

Sunday 12 – 9


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Minutes from Charlottesville in the town of Ivy and situated on 40 private acres, Meriwether Springs is a rare oasis. The property features two ponds, a three-acre lake, and beautiful Ivy Creek, which flanks the property. The accompanying five-acre vineyard and unique tasting rooms make Meriwether Springs the perfect location for a special event or a well-deserved retreat.  This is the original estate of the famed explorer Meriwether Lewis, who was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson in 1804 to lead an exploration across the recently acquired Louisiana Territory and into the uncharted lands far beyond. After a long and dangerous journey, the explorer and his party reached the mouth of the Columbia River at the Pacific Ocean. Upon finally spotting the westward waters, Lewis penned his exuberance in an epic journal entry: “Ocean in view. O! The Joy!”  In this spirit, with the thrill of adventure and the delight of having arrived at one’s chosen destination, we welcome you. Please explore all we have to offer via the tabs above, or better yet, come find us!